Saturday, April 23, 2011

Oh those crazy Californians!!! It must be the constant earthquake tremors

How else can one explain the lunacy rampant in California?  Maybe, science is not settled yet on the issue of magnetic rays emitting from the earth and playing tricks on the way people think.... but, as far as I am concerned, it's settled. Something yet unknown to science is turning Californians into brainless zombies.... and IMO it's due to the constant earthquake tremors they get there.   They have become so dumb, their behaviour is now encroaching on the moslems' territorial rights on  that  A1 type of  senselessness.

.... He has wished for "the implementation of Sharia [Islamic law] in all areas"   of society, said Muslims can never accept homosexuality and predicted God's wrath on America for its support of Israel.

Now, Muzammil Siddiqi is about to be honored by Orange County, Cal.'s Human Relations Commission. Siddiqi "has steadfastly worked with other faith leaders to build understanding of the great commonality that exists between all religions, despite the political clashes that can drive wedges between them," an announcement from the board says. Siddiqi is among "amazing individuals and groups who have made extraordinary human relations contributions to Orange County.".......................

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