Saturday, April 9, 2011

Liberal leader's wife might not be able to vote for her lovey-dovey?

Awww... so sad eh?
So, let's do the math here.
He got married in 1999.
Let's say she got her landed immigration status in 2004 (that's giving her 4+ years to get it... I am giving her a very conservative time frame to put in her papers).
Landed immigrants can apply for citizenship within 3 years and are accepted as citizens within a few short months to a year.

Conclusion:  She does not care enough for Canada, just like her husband... otherwise she would have applied for and got her citizenship long, long, long, time ago.

Husband is a Canadian of convenience and now it looks like, so also is his wife.

Bad news for Liberal voters. This latest news paints a very negative picture of the kind of person you have as your leader.  With this you can expect your poll numbers to slip into NDP territory. 
The Liberal party of Canada is getting to be as insignificant as the socialistic one.

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