Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wow !! Egypt gets Democracy ........... HAHAHAHHAHAH

Moslems and democracy are like oil and water.  Never the twain shall meet..... NEVER !!!!!!   Not in our life times, not in your kids life times, not in your grand-kids life times .... not ever.   Check their past to see their future.   Bleak as bleak can be.   Everybody who thinks they can separate these loons from their mad and dangerous ideology, are prime loons themselves.

A three-year prison sentence handed to a blogger who criticized Egypt's army suggests the country's military rulers are drawing red lines around permissible speech, Human Rights Watch said.

The military council ruling Egypt said 25-year-old activist Maikel Nabil had used "inappropriate language" and defamed the military, and that his call that military conscription be scrapped would have a negative effect on young Egyptians.....

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