Saturday, April 30, 2011

Calling Toronto's Willowdale riding voters

Vote for Chungsen Leung .... because it's time to say goodbye to the longtime Liberal MP

Chungsen Leung, better known as CS, is well positioned to represent the rich multi-cultural neighbourhoods that make up Willowdale and take away the hold  Lib MP Martha Hall-Findlay has on this community.  I like Martha, but she is in the wrong party.  When Martha crosses over to the Conservatives, Willowdale will stop being wonky.   Until that happens, a Liberal MP is of no value to Willowdale.  Just look at what the Liberals have done to Toronto as a whole.  Look at McGuinty and his failures.  Look at the taxes we are paying under a Lib govt in Ontario.  Vote the Lib MP out.  Let your anger  against the devastation of a Lib govt in Ontario speak through your votes. 

CS's multi-lingual skills include speaking in Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese and Japanese. He came to Canada in 1968 for his undergraduate degree in Economics and Commerce at Carleton University in Ottawa. CS went on to complete a Master of Science in Engineering at the University of Southern California in the United States before returning to settle in Willowdale in 1982.

CS is a small business owner and if elected to represent the residents of Willowdale he has assured them that he will bring about the kind of change needed not only in Willowdale but in the rest of Canada. Of special interest would be his push to look into a better pension model for single seniors who at the present time are unable to take advantage of the breaks given to married or common-law Canadians.

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