Thursday, April 21, 2011

Indonesia ... moderate moslem country where Canada sends lotta dollars so they can continue killing Christians

Nice, eh?!!!

....Good Friday plot feared after 330-lbs bomb is found near gas-line by Catholic church in Indonesia. Indonesian authorities disrupted a chilling Good Friday terror plot Thursday, digging up a massive bomb buried atop a gas pipeline near a church.

The country went on "high alert" following the discovery, deploying troops to churches and other locations, officials said. The sinister terror plot was uncovered when authorities rounded up 19 terror suspects, who alerted them to the bomb......

Huge bomb of 330 lbs found in Indonesia 100 yards away from a church. Given that the church is tiny and the congregation is supposed to be 3000 plus, half the people would be listening to the church service standing outside the church. The moslem scum were aiming for maximum impact as Good Friday has just one service and the faithful would be there come what may.

Is this a moderate moslem country like your government would have you believe? 

Conclusion: Our Canadian govt. sends our hard earned tax dollars to Indonesia to enable the moslems there to kill Christians.

Is this what you want done with your tax dollars?

The islamist scum in Indonesia are also against the Ahmadiyah sect of islam and the Ahmadiyah also come under attack at every opportunity. In the vid below, terrorist moslem scum go to an Ahmadiyah's residence to wreck havoc and even a cop is not able to stop the killers. 

If the vid below does not work for you, you will have to sign in to YouTube.  Supposed to be gory, but I probably  missed the "second" something  gory was done when I watched it.

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