Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wishing the Harper Govt. a Majority from those who have no use for blinders

Adam Daifallah writing at Hudson New York says: Those who care about support for democracies abroad and who want a strong ally for the U.S. and freedom around the world ought to be hoping that Canada's current Conservative Government, under the leadership of Stephen Harper, wins a majority in the election this Monday.

Back in the mid-1980s, it was easy – even fashionable – to mock Canada. It is still often wrongly perceived as a backwater, where people travel by dogsled, enjoy paying high taxes and make good bacon. As late as 1995, the Wall Street Journal wrote that Canada's dangerously high debt levels made it "an honorary member of the Third World."

Those who have been paying attention know a different story. Canada today is no laughing matter. It has come out of the economic crisis in better shape than any other G8 country. Its taxes are comparatively low, especially for corporations. It is on track to balance its budget far earlier than the U.S. And on the foreign policy front, Canada has outshone all of its Western allies in its robust defense of democracy, freedom and human rights abroad.............

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