Sunday, April 17, 2011

A mosque in the northernmost part of Canada ... for converts to islam?

Inuvik in the Canadian arctic is now the target of moslems in Canada. All these people want to do here is erect their minarets and mosques all over just  like how dogs pee on lamp posts and other stuff all around them to lay claim to those areas.   I see a similarity, even if you don't.

What is going on with moslems? How many moslems are actually resident  in  Inuvik you ask?  Although the article says a 100-odd ... I am willing to bet that out Inuvik's population of 3500, there might be a dozen moslems there.  The purpose of the mosque is simple. What they will proceed to do now is try to convert the residents of that town just like they convert every vulnerable and pliable person they can find.  What better spot to perform  this trickery than way up north where any news of the conversions going on there will not reach us down here in time to stop the stealth jihad.  This is stealth jihad and an abundance of taqiyyah.  Nothing else.

Can you believe these rogues. Can you believe the audacity of these crooks.  If Christians in their blasted moslem lands happen to have even a Bible in their belongings, they are accused of trying to convert the heathens there to Christianity.  However, these same heathens come to Canada and go about converting non-muslims to their fecking nonsense.  Are you mad yet ?

This mosque is funded by this foundation, whose main aim seems to be the conversion of non-muslims to islam.  Their website reports clearly on  on this page   that:

6- New Convert Committee: Lajnat Al-Mua'lafati Gloubihim, A New Convert Committee was formed. A weekly meeting was held for new Muslim converts. They were taught the basics of Islam, recitation of the Holy Qur’an; and others who just converted how to make Wudu, pray and recite Al-Fatiha. The committee serves as a family and social support network for the new converts.

7- Daw’a Committee: A Da'wa Committe was formed in late 2007. The committee has been very active introducingt Islam to non-Muslims.

According to this, the moslems of Manitoba helped fund the building of  this mosque in Inuvit because the piddly few moslems there: "send their children to live elsewhere in Canada because the community doesn’t have a mosque or Islamic education centre."


Why do you want to migrate to Canada if you want your kids to be taught the same brain-rotting stuff that's taught in your moslem countries that you have left behind to escape to Canada ?

There's something very, very, very rotten going on in Canada.  I won't be surprised if we face the same music the British are dancing to now.....  the dance of death.

via: CIR

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  1. There must be close to a 1000 such foundations in Canada by now or should I say, in Canuckistan.


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