Friday, April 15, 2011

Immigrant Overload in the UK... the debate continues ... a little too late, don't you think?

You can't repatriate the immigrants who refuse to assimilate or integrate with the host country and it's citizens and who will continue to build cities within cities for their own communities and these inner cities will in turn continue to remain "no go zones" to everybody else.  Moreover, the harm is already done and by controlling the moslem immigration at this late stage in the game, the UK is only pushing back the islamisation of the UK by maybe a decade .... the demographics already show that the caliphate has made inroads all over the West and EU and now it's just a matter of watching the cards fall into place while mourning the loss of these great countries with foolish leaders leading them  into full shariah hells.

What the Labor party did to the UK, the Liberal party did to Canada and both the Republican and the Democrat parties did to the USA.  How can so many in so many lands, who sit over the welfare of their citizens be so downright dimwitted?   It boggles the mind that we have come to this brink so willingly.
The proportion of the population born overseas almost doubled in two decades to more than 11 per cent, according to data seen by The Daily Telegraph..........

Go here and   here  if you want to watch Cameron give the speech on immigration that all leaders are thinking of giving in one form or another..... a speech with a huge sprinkling of the dreaded disease known as "political correctness". 

Below is the UKIP's leader and so far, he's been immune to  PC virus running rampant in the halls of power.

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