Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rats leaving a sinking ship ....

this is so funny !! Politicians are mostly rats anyway.... some are bigger than others and some are slyer than their cohorts. The slyer democrats are going by the nature of the last 3 letters from the prefix to their names. How fitting is that !!!

Adding insult to injury for their party, at least 13 Democratic state lawmakers have joined the Republican ranks since Election Day -- deepening GOP gains and in one case handing the party the state House majority.

Democrats in five states have switched parties since Nov. 2, citing concerns about the economy and the political leanings of their constituents. The defections are a troubling sign for state Democratic operations clinging to life following their election drubbing. Though Republicans' congressional gains drew more attention, the party picked up more than 675 seats at the state level last month and in some cases took over entire state capitals......

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  1. Clever comment, but possibly unjust. Democrats used to be across the political spectrum - progressive to conservative - and seemed to be united only because they were not Republicans. Without knowing the personal philosophies of each Democrat who has switched, it is impossible to label them all as 'rats'.

    It is entirely possible that some Democrats feel the party has already left them, and they are making the only logical move.


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