Sunday, March 31, 2013

Israel's new invention will benefit Syria and the world

The wonderful Israelis have invented a brand new gadget that can identify and select good  headchoppers from bad headchoppers.  All the mighty Israelis have to do is keep the headchoppers in groups of   a dozen or so and  presto the machine tells them which group consists  of  "good"  headchoppers.  Israel can then give that group their stamp of approval and the Israeli-approved  headchoppers   can  be  made eligible to be part of a super Syrian army that can cut Assad and his soldiers into bite sized pieces. Wow !!  Just WOW !!

The NYTimes is stealthy inserting a few sentences here and there about Israel's "coming out"  new role  in the destruction of Syria and the doing away with a secular dictator in order to replace him with an islamist one.  What's not to love about that, eh?!   Let's all give the Israelis and the NYTimes a nice big round of applause.

Ann Barnard writing at the NYTimes:
....Around the square are the state television offices,  the army’s general staff headquarters, university buildings, the Sheraton hotel and the Damascus Opera House, which is a showpiece of the commitment to high culture that Mr. Assad liked to project and was where he made a rare public speech in January. Some state media said that as many as six people were killed and that dozens had been wounded.

The Free Syrian Army, the rebel umbrella group supported by the United States and its allies, took responsibility for the attack, saying it used rocket launchers aimed at the state broadcaster.

Shelling in such central areas has panicked residents, who fear that Damascus, which has largely been spared the urban warfare that has devastated Syria’s other major cities, could be next. But so far, the government has managed to keep rebels from pushing deep into the capital......

.....In Israel on Monday, Maj. Gen. Yair Golan was reported as saying his country should consider working with Syrians opposed to extremist Islamist battalions to create a “buffer zone” inside Syria to prevent extremists from controlling border areas.

General Golan told the Israel Hayom newspaper that Israel could work with “many hundreds” of Syrian fighters who share “a common interest” in checking the influence of extremists. He did not say whether Israeli troops would be involved, but compared the buffer zone to the border area inside southern Lebanon that Israel occupied for 15 years.......

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