Thursday, March 7, 2013

BREAKING: Hugo Chavez's family not Venezuelans !

Live and learn, eh?!
Fucking lefties never know when to leave good enough alone!   They are so blind that they cannot even see that Hugo Chavez, the "man of the people loved by the people" robbed those same people by enriching himself and his family to the tune of perhaps 2 Billion Dollars if not more ... in the 14 years he was in power.
The reason the MSM are not saying anything about this man becoming  a billionaire while he portrayed himself  as saint Chavez is because they are fucking lefties themselves and don't want to shatter the myth of Chavez and the Lefty Paradise on earth.

I hope Harper does not issue some sort of a politically correct note just because the nuts in Venezuela are behaving like the spoilt brats that most lefty idiots demonstrate themselves to be  each and every single day.

Mike Blanchfield writing at NationalPost:
... Venezuela has sent a formal protest to the Canadian government for Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s “insensitive” remarks on the death of President Hugo Chavez.

Harper issued a statement that offered “condolences to the people of Venezuela,” but not the family of the flamboyant 58-year-old leftist leader, who died Tuesday after a long battle with cancer.

A statement from a senior Venezuelan government official says a “card of protest” was sent to Ottawa after Harper expressed what he called insensitivity at a time when their country is grieving.

A wordy note from the vice-minister for North America, Claudia Salerno, said Caracas was protesting “in a blunt and categorical way, the statements issued the 5 of March 2013 by the prime minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, as they constitute insensitive and impertinent sentiments at a time when the Venezuelan people are grieving and crying over the irreparable physical loss of the Commander President Hugo Chavez Frias.”........

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