Saturday, March 9, 2013

On drones .... and how to and how not to use them and on whom

Two guys give their opinion on the  filibuster by Rand Paul and the question of  killing Americans on American soil by Americans with the full authority of the American president.

Andrew C. McCarthy:
....I need to be careful here.  To cross Paul admirers can mean being cast into the neocon darkness, along with all those other cogs in the military-industrial complex who dream of a global American empire — and that’s even when the offense is not compounded by suggesting that Eric Holder might have been right about something. So let me say outright: I am against using our armed forces to kill our citizens in our homeland.
That puts me in the same camp as about 99.9 percent of Americans. In part, that owes to our natural, patriotic predilection. But there’s another part of the explanation — just as important, but less well noticed: After 20 years, we understand the particular conflict we are in. We can confidently say that, in the war authorized by Congress a dozen years ago, we do not need to use lethal military force inside our country.

You see, there is a right way to do what Senator Paul says he wants to do, a way that does not involve messing around with the Constitution in a manner we will come to regret. Contrary to Senator Paul’s assertions, and those of senators Cruz and Mike Lee, who lent their voices and scholarly heft to Paul’s filibuster, the Constitution does not prohibit the use of lethal force in the United States against American citizens who collude with the enemy.

American history and jurisprudence teach that American citizens who join the enemy may be treated as the enemy: captured without warrant, detained indefinitely without trial, interrogated without counsel, accused of war crimes without grand-jury proceedings, tried by military commission without the protections of civilian due process, and executed promptly after conviction. That is because these measures are permissible under the laws of war, and the Constitution accommodates the laws of war — they are the rule of law when Congress has authorized warfare.............

Mark Steyn:
... I shall leave it to others to argue  the legal and constitutional questions surrounding drones, but they are not without practical application. For the last couple of years, Janet Napolitano, the secretary of homeland security, has had Predator drones patrolling the U.S. border. No, silly, not the southern border. The northern one. You gotta be able to prioritize, right? At Derby Line, Vt., the international frontier runs through the middle of the town library and its second-floor opera house. If memory serves, the stage and the best seats are in Canada, but the concession stand and the cheap seats are in America. Despite the zealots of Homeland Security’s best efforts at afflicting residents of this cross-border community with ever more obstacles to daily life, I don’t recall seeing any Predator drones hovering over Non-Fiction E–L. But, if there are, I’m sure they’re entirely capable of identifying which delinquent borrower is a Quebecer and which a Vermonter before dispatching a Hellfire missile to vaporize him in front of the Large Print Romance shelves.

I’m a long, long way from Rand Paul’s view of the world (I’m basically a 19th-century imperialist a hundred years past sell-by date), but I’m far from sanguine about America’s drone fever. For all its advantages to this administration — no awkward prisoners to be housed at Gitmo, no military casualties for the evening news — the unheard, unseen, unmanned drone raining down death from the skies confirms for those on the receiving end al-Qaeda’s critique of its enemies: As they see it, we have the best technology and the worst will; we choose aerial assassination and its attendant collateral damage because we are risk-averse, and so remote, antiseptic, long-distance, computer-programmed warfare is all that we can bear. Our technological strength betrays our psychological weakness.............


  1. Drones! Good grief. Let the police forces be they Feds or state or city police or all three with the weapons they have including helicopters handle terrorists who may be zooming along in an SUV hellbent on something.

    BTW, I don't understand the namby pamby way they are handling one of Bin Ladin's sons-in-law(one of hoards no doubt) by having a civil trial in NYC. WTF!!

    1. Yup ... the stuff we are being fed about Bin Ladin's SIL is pure bullshit. Muslims are well versed in taqqiyah and this guy must have been talking non-stop pretending to know where the Al Qaeda operatives in the USA are hiding and promising to give names, etc.etc. For that reason alone the nuts in the USA must have brought him out of whichever hole he was in and promised him PLUS his extended family asylum .... AFTER the circus of the civil trial. I know it sounds far-fetched .... but when all other reasonable avenues are exhausted and one cannot see a logical explanation for what the Americans are doing in this particular case, then the only explanation is the one I have given above.

      Here's also where the drones thing can come in. Based on false testimony by taqqiyah spouting Muslims, innocent American Muslims and non-Muslims might be targeted for vaporization.


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