Tuesday, March 5, 2013

UAE's public relations firms working overtime to pull wool over our eyes

If  you really  believe that the 94 UAE citizens who were arrested some weeks ago are "Islamists"  and that there were even 13 women among them,  then I am sure you would be also very interested in buying big, huge and heavy gold ingots I am selling  for just a dollar each.   Imagine an Islamist group of men AND women mingling together with each other..... you know, like maybe their elbows might touch here and there and the burkhas of the women and the white dresses of  the men might brush and make friends within the folds.  Unbelievable, right?!    But, that's just what the UAE wants the West to believe.

Knowing how the public think of   Islamists, the Sunni nations have found a good safe way to  rid the Sunni nations of  some pesky Shiite Muslims by labeling them "Islamists".   What is truly strange in this story is that the UAE is accusing the Emiratis of being connected to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Am I missing something here?   Didn't the Sunni  nations, including the UAE,  empower the Muslim Brotherhood to the status it is now enjoying ???

Something stinks to high heaven !!!

 ...The trial of 94 Islamists accused of plotting to seize power in the UAE began yesterday in the absence of rights activists and foreign reporters, who were barred from the court.
The state security court, part of the Federal Supreme Court, convened in Abu Dhabi to try the activists arrested between March and December last year, the interior ministry said in a statement carried by WAM state news agency.
Ten of the defendants are being tried in absentia, while 13 are women, it said, adding that the first hearing was “procedural,” and was attended by representatives of local press and Emirati civil society groups.
The accused are said by prosecutors to be linked to the Al Islah group, which has ties with the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood.
UAE Attorney-General Salem Kobaish last month said the defendants would be tried for “having created and led a movement aimed at opposing the basic foundations on which the state’s political system is built and at seizing power”.
The group had formed a “secret organisation” which was in contact with individuals and organisations “abroad”, including the Muslim Brotherhood, Kobaish said.
The Attorney-General said they had also created or invested in real estate companies to finance their organisation.
The hearing was adjourned to March 11, the ministry said.........

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