Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Numero Uno Canadian of Convenience gets a call from the CRA

The slimy one is trying to get out of  paying  Canada what is due to Canada.  When things were tough,  Canada is the place he wanted his ass brought back to.   Grrrrrrrr .... I hate such people, be they lefties or not.

... A battle is shaping up between Conrad Black  and the Canada Revenue Agency, as the federal agency attempts to recover more than $5 million in taxes it says are outstanding from 2002.
According to documents filed in Federal Tax Court, the CRA is seeking $90,291 related to security at the former media baron's Toronto home, and another $1.37 million tied to the use of the jet owned by his former Hollinger International Inc.
Further outstanding tax claims are tied to a dispute over Black's residency status because he owned homes in both Canada and the United Kingdom.
The CRA is seeking $2.86 million for employment it said Black performed outside Canadian borders. The agency also wants $365,564 it claims Black recognized from the debts of Conrad Black Capital Corp.
A statement of facts filed with the court said that Black has already paid Canadian taxes on $808,226 of domestic work when he was not a resident of the country.
The CRA does not comment on tax cases due to confidentiality laws.
A hearing will be held in Toronto on May 15.....


  1. Actually, he's just following in a long line of Canadians who are trying to avoid taxes. The Bronfmans (sp?) got a special deal with respect to moving a family trust offshore. And PM Paul Martin, in his pre-PM days, moved his shipping company offshore to a country of convenience.

    1. How disgusting that Canadians the gods have smiled upon and given untold wealth, feel they must safeguard that wealth from Canada ... where they actually made it.


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