Friday, March 29, 2013

Have you heard the term "voluntary apartheid" ?

In his book "The Grand Jihad"  Andrew McCarthy uses the term for the first time.  Here in Canada we have a perfect example of this "voluntary apartheid" in our most populous city, Toronto.  That "voluntary apartheid" is found in all its glory in the Thorncliff  Park area, (and last I saw, it was spreading outwards to Overlea Boulevard and vicinity) a section of East York.  The non-Muslims in that area are moving out and even the rental offices for the numerous blocks of  high rises there are now in the hands of  Muslims.  Going to the East York mall is like visiting a suq in the Middle East.  I have been told that the United Church dhimmis in that neighborhood  are also doing their bit to spread "goodwill" and holding samosa sessions on their  premises.  Anybody wanna bet that the church premises, at present shared by RC, United and other denominations, will soon become another mosque?

On page 270 of McCarthy's book, he writes:
Move through Obama's career as a community organizer, his embrace of ACORN, his radical associations: the common denominator is a purpose to break down the Unum at its foundations, what he calls the "grass roots."  For America, he plans an atom bomb.  Or, to be precise, an atoms bomb:  countless communities in cities and townss across the land, organized along Saul Alinksy's brand of Marxism, into socialist enclaves.  It fits hand in glove with Yusuf Qaradawi's voluntary apartheid, the enclave strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Each atom smothers the individual freedom and enterprise that have defined the American character, replacing them with welfare-rousers.

To be sure, there is an Unum that Obama sees.  It is in his mind's eye - clearer on the horizon now than when he began his project twenty-five years ago.  It will arrive when the atoms reach critical mass and finally devour the hollowing carcass of our present society.  This, too, jibes perfectly with the Islamist scheme to destroy America from within, the Grand Jihad

This vid below is  from about 2 years ago.  Andrew McCarthy talks to Frank Gaffney on the  islamization of  European cities and towns.  He should try and  visit Thorncliff Park and vicinity in Toronto to gain first hand knowledge on how it must have all begun in  Malmo and other cities of  Europe while their politicians happily accepted bribes and dhimmihood and slept peacefully never caring a hoot for the ordinary citizens of their countries.  

Thorncliff Park and vicinity will be at the top of  the list of  NO GO zones in the very near future.

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