Thursday, March 21, 2013

So laughable !!! screaming about a rape victim in Maldives but is like the deaf, dumb and blind monkeys on Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and other Sunni nations doing exactly the same and more

You know  why that is?  Avaaz is full to the brim with Sunni Muslims, primarily from Pakistan and India and  full of the kind of lefties who are funded by putridness itself.  Their credibility is lower than the depths of the deepest sewers of Paris and London.

Avaaz is crying over  this but they are MIA when it comes to Christians being persecuted and killed in Pakistan, Nigeria, Egypt and when rape victims and homosexuals are being persecuted, flogged and beheaded in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other Muslim countries.  There is no other organization as hypocritical as  Always investigate and read up before you put your name and signature to anything coming from these hypocrites.

I would never sign anything coming from Avaaz as I avoid  hypocrites like them like the plague.

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