Tuesday, March 26, 2013

This is the reason why we implore and plead with and then criticize our immigration department for importing Muslims into democratic countries

The aggressive behaviour that is inherent in 99% of Muslims, be they male or female,  is often the main reason that other people don't like them.  According to their book, they are superior to all other human beings.  When the Muslim population in any country reaches that magic percentage,  they will often gang up on you, and, because they have an advantage over those ridden with the dreaded disease of "political correctness" like in so many of the EU countries,  they reign supreme over the original inhabitants and the police force.  See how things have turned Muslim-ward  in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands, France, Italy and in  other countries where the Muslims are  becoming the dominant demographic numbers.

Unfortunately for them, in Myanmar they have met their Waterloo.  Burmese Buddhists consider themselves to be pure and beyond the wants and desires of ordinary human beings ... thus also making them a "superior" kind of something.   So ... can we "Christian" the Myanmar clashes "clash of the superiors" ?  HAHAHAHA      

This is exactly what can happen to Muslims in other countries too if they continue with their feelings of superiority over others and their wayward  thinking that the whole world should be under islamic rule and that the duty of every good Muslim is to impose islam and shariah wherever they migrate.

What's happening in Burma can happen elsewhere too when infidels decide they have had it with the invaders.  I believe in Burma the Muslims make up about 15% of the population.

When our duly elected government bodies don't listen to the populace, the populace is forced to take action to safeguard themselves and their identity.

Also, let's not forget that this turmoil in Burma started about a year ago with the raping of a Buddhist girl by three Muslim men and the situation is getting worse with time.  It's ALWAYS the Muslim community that commences the discord in EVERY single country where their numbers get big enough to trample over infidels.

From the IslamicHumanRightsCommission:
.....Reporting from Myanmar, Assed Baig states:
“… recent violence in central Myanmar [has seen]… the displaced have been fleeing to the central city of Mandalay. Buildings were burnt down and the ‘official’ death toll stood at 32, as angry mobs roamed the streets. The reality of events is very different from what we have heard on our TV screens…The displaced are scattered across the city, accommodated by fellow Muslims and are still very scared to return to their homes in Meiktila, a hundred miles away.
“Every person interviewed said that the police stood by and did nothing whilst they were being attacked. Many here believe that this was pre-planned and that the official story, that it began with a dispute in a gold shop, is just a cover for violence against Muslims.”[3]
Report also state that local Buddhists in the massacre areas have been rescuing Muslims, even at threat to themselves......

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  1. Well the worms have turned at least somewhere.
    We in the West are too soft, cowardly and PC to stand up against the intolerant islamists.


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