Tuesday, March 5, 2013

One didn't need a crystal ball to predict that the Syrian conflict would encompass neighboring nations

How despicable does one have  to be  to fight Al Qaeda and affiliates in some parts of the world (Mali, Algeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and God alone knows where else) and then to arm and fund those same murderers  in Syria?   How can entire governments become so shameless and how can those who vote them to office don't take them to task for their hypocrisy ?   I am thinking of the USA, France, UK, Germany and other Judeo-Christian nations here.

Whitney Eulich writing at ChristianScienceMonitor:
.... Syria's violence continues its march across borders, into Iraq. Dozens of Syrian Army soldiers were killed yesterday while in Iraq seeking temporary refuge from fighting with rebels. They were ambushed by suspected Al Qaeda-affiliated militants.
Dozens of Syrian Army soldiers were killed in an ambush after seeking refuge in Iraq yesterday, amplifying concerns of Syrian violence spilling across its borders and destabilizing its neighbors.

The soldiers were attacked in Anbar province with bombs, grenades, and gunfire while being transported back into Syria by the Iraqi Army, reports The Associated Press. An estimated 48 Syrian soldiers, who were seeking a temporary reprieve from fighting with rebels over the border, and at least six Iraqi military personnel were killed. It was the first such killing of Syrians in Iraq since the conflict began two years ago, reports The Wall Street Journal. 

It is unclear who was responsible for the ambush, but Jassim al-Halbousi, provincial council member in Anbar, told the Associated Press, “This attack bears the hallmarks of the Al Qaeda terrorist organization,” adding that the borders need to be secured “at the highest level of alert.”
At the time of the ambush, the Syrian soldiers were being transported to a different border crossing, south of where they originally entered the country. According to AP, the Iraqi government insists it allowed the soldiers into the country on "humanitarian grounds" and is "not picking sides in the Syrian conflict."...................

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