Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Judge Judy's other persona .... bargain hunter or mega hypocrite ?

My-oh-my !   We imagine getting bargains like these but would we purposely screw someone to get them ?  Ordinary people don't .... lawyers, judges and other schemers do.... all the time.

Breanne L. Heldman at OMG:
Judge Judy may be  one of television's biggest courthouse queens, but her own judgment is being thrown into question.
Judge Judith Sheindlin is being slapped with a return of property lawsuit from her producer's ex, Patric Jones, who claims the honorable one purchased expensive china from said producer, Randall Douthit, for a fraction of its value.
The court documents, obtained by E! Online, outline the Christofle Pavilion Renaissance Sterling Silver and Christofle Pavilion Marly Bone China Judge Judy purchased from Douthit for $50,000 while he was still married to Jones. The goods, however, are said to be worth a jaw-dropping $514,421.....

  Judge Judy -- Lawyer Says Judge Ripped Off His Client

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