Saturday, March 16, 2013

Crazy lefties behaving badly

 Yawn.... what else is new?!   Montreal lefties are crazier than most other Canadian lefties.  I am with the cops on this one.  If they want to protest "peacefully"  why not give the itinerary of their march and why wear masks?  These pampered morons  don't realize how good they have it here in Canada.  This bunch of privileged brats should be dropped in the middle of Africa or in one of the Middle East countries and then they would get a stinging  taste of  what "police brutality"  is really like.  

I believe there was a small protest in Toronto too, protesting "police brutality".  It was quashed just as quickly as the Montreal one.

Nelson Wyatt writing at CTVNews via CanadaPress:
....  Police wasted little time  Friday cracking down on an annual protest that has a history of getting rowdy, deploying charging squads of helmeted officers, cops on horseback and pepper spray to corral demonstrators.

Montreal police, who have been dealing with regular protests since student unrest last year, usually let peaceful marches proceed even if they have been declared illegal under municipal bylaws.

On Friday, police massed platoons of officers around their downtown headquarters -- which was the target of the annual rally against police brutality -- and had made their first arrest before the march even began.

"We sent up a message right at the beginning," said Cmdr. Ian Lafreniere of the Montreal police at a late evening news conference after the march. "They haven't shared a route, they haven't shared their itinerary, they refuse to give us a location where they were heading. That's the reason we made a stop to that."

At the march, officers piled on one protester to catcalls from the crowd and quickly hustled him away. Once the march was declared illegal, other protesters were scooped from the mob and police tightened their cordon......

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