Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Tea Party Patriots .... alive and well and kicking ass !!

Hallelujah !!
I have always liked Rand Paul.  The sins of the father should never be visited on the son.  Above all, anybody who criticizes  McCain is my kind of guy.  It's good to know that he might be thinking of running for the presidency in 2016.  He would definitely make a great president.

Lois Romano writing at Politico:
...Before Thursday, Rand Paul   — tea party firebrand — hadn’t vaulted into the top tier of Republican power players.
But all that seemed to change this week. The Kentucky Republican senator showed serious clout by holding a 13-hour filibuster to delay the confirmation of President Barack Obama’s candidate to head the CIA, John Brennan.

Paul himself seemed to appreciate that this was an important moment for himself, confidently acknowledging to POLITICO in an interview that he was “seriously” considering running for president in 2016.

“I think our party needs something new, fresh and different,” he said. “What we’ve been running — nothing against the candidates necessarily — but we have a good, solid niche in all the solidly red states throughout the middle of the country.”
But he suggested previous Republican candidates have had limited appeal to voters beyond the Republican base.
“We have to figure out how to appeal to the West Coast, New England [and] around the Great Lakes area. We need to figure out how to appeal to the blue-collar voters that voted — that were Democrats that voted for Reagan and I think are drifting back because they see us as the party of the wealthy. … I do want to be part of making the Republican Party again more of a national party, less than a regional party, which I think we’re in danger of becoming.”...........

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