Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tunisians dancing in the streets .... while they can

This vid is suppose to show young Tunisians fighting the  Islamization of  their  country by showing off their dancing skills.  Let's hope they continue to fight and win against the imported  wahhabism from Saudi Arabia and Qatar.


  1. Well that just blows my mind. I can't believe that happened in a Muslim country albeit Tunisia. I was guessing maybe some South American country. However the list of names at the end are all Arabic though that can be faked. I looked at the crowd scenes and nary a hijab to be seen. Imagine if they tried that stunt in Saudi Arabia.

    1. It blew my mind too and although I got the vid (I think from the same young Tunisian girl who had sent me a "hate" email almost a year ago when I wrote something against Tunisia) I started watching it with my usual "don't believe anything" attitude until I saw the lady in the long black tight burkha kind of outfit crossing the street near the dancers ... then I knew it was authentic and from Tunisia.


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