Sunday, March 3, 2013

Qatar ... richly obnoxious

In the business world,  the Sunni Arab nations are buying up everything available from the nations around them and, of course, the traitors in the Judeo-Christian nations who will sell even their mothers for a profit, don't think twice about  selling whatever they can to the petro-dollar bastards.

From ArabianBusiness:
...A mystery consortium from Qatar and the UAE is reportedly preparing to table a world record bid of US$2.25bn for English Premier League football club Arsenal.
If successful, the deal would dwarf the current record of US$1.2bn, paid by the Glazer family for Manchester United, and would strengthen the Arab influence among Europe’s top clubs, with Manchester City owned by Abu Dhabi and Paris St Germain already by Qataris.
The consortium are believe to hope the huge bid – which more than doubles a 2011 valuation of the club – will be enough to tempt majority owner Stan Kroenke to sell.
The cash offer would reportedly see the investors bid around US$30,000 per share, making Kroenke’s 66.83 percent stake worth US$1.25bn, and would also wipe out the club’s US$376m debts.

From DailyNewsEgypt
...Employees at National Société Générale Bank (NSGB) are threatening to strike on Monday after the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority approved a mandatory tender offer made by Qatar National Bank (QNB) to buy 100% of NSGB, Société Générale’s Egypt operation, instead of the originally planned 77.17% stake.....

From ArabianBusiness:
...UAE investors bought almost €1bn (US$1.3bn) worth of commercial property in Europe during the second half of last year, according to international real estate advisor CBRE.
The investment accounted for 3 percent of the cross-border commercial property purchases across the continent during the six months....

Over and besides the above,  there are lots of rumors about the stinking rich Qatar looking to buy Egypt's  pyramids  and even the Suez canal.  Don't forget that governments are noted for putting out rumors to gauge the pulse of the people on issues that they know are controversial but if the idea is thrown around and discussed ... one never knows how things might develop.

Abdulrahman Al-Rashed writing at AlArabiyaEnglish:
....News about Qataris wanting to buy    the Egyptian pyramids was heavily circulated, and before that, it was said they had also made an offer to the businessman and deputy leader of the Muslim Brotherhood Khairat al-Shater, to purchase the Suez Canal.

Although this news was denied and alleged to be rumors, it is certain that the Islamist government is now facing a financial crisis to an extent that it is looking in its files to retrieve every dollar it can get, even if it includes reconciliation with persecuted and imprisoned businessmen on charges of corruption and others.

Hypothetically, the news of the new bids does not seem strange in light of this globalized world. Egyptian businessman Mohammed al-Fayed had bought Harrods, the most important store in Europe and a historical British symbol. He had managed it for a quarter century, before selling it three years ago to Qatar at about £1.5 billion. So what is the problem if the Egyptians sold the Suez Canal or the pyramids to Qataris who have enough dollars to solve the deficit of the Islamist government’s treasury?!........

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