Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Obama's pal the Saudi dictator who is also Canada's ally, takes pleasure in seeing prisoners crucified to death

Don't you just love it that our governments are in bed with the Saudis because they have become so very addictive to Saudi oil, even more than the heroin they probably take that have turned most of our politicians' brains into the most gluey  mush to be found on earth.

We are  in Tuesday now,   so... I guess the dirty deeds have already been done.  Let's see if anybody from the alphabet soup media reports on the Saudi vileness.

One of seven Saudis due to be put to death on Tuesday by crucifixion and firing squad for armed robbery, speaking over a smuggled mobile phone from his prison cell, has appealed for help to stop the executions.

Nasser al-Qahtani told Associated Press from Abha general prison on Monday that he was arrested as part of 23-member ring that stole from jewellery stores in 2004 and 2005. He said they had been tortured to confess and had no access to lawyers.

"I killed no one. I didn't have weapons while robbing the store, but the police tortured me, beat me up and threatened to assault my mother to extract confessions that I had a weapon with me while I was only 15," he said. "We don't deserve death."

A leading human rights group added its appeal to Saudi authorities to stop the executions.

Qahtani, 24, said he and most of the ring were juveniles at the time of the thefts. They were arrested in 2006. The seven received death sentences in 2009, the Saudi newspaper Okaz reported.

Last Saturday, Qahtani said, Saudi King Abdullah ratified the death sentences and sent them to Abha. Authorities set Tuesday for the executions. They also determined the methods.

The main defendant, Sarhan al-Mashayeh, will be crucified for three days. The others will face firing squads.

Qahtani faced a judge three times during eight years in detention. He said the judge did not assign a lawyer to defend them and did not listen to complaints of torture.

"We showed him the marks of torture and beating, but he didn't listen," he said. "I am talking to you now and my relatives are telling me that the soil is prepared for our executions tomorrow," he said....

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  1. I would assume that Saudi Arabia has a low crime rate considering sentances like that. They seem to be happy enough to be living in the 9th century.


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