Saturday, March 23, 2013

TVOntario uses our tax dollars to produce violent games

All us taxpayers  will be guilty of murder when such games produced by the publicly funded TVOntario inspire unbalanced individuals to blow up oil pipelines as shown in the game.   If even a single injury, or God forbid...a death is the  result of  TVO's  management giving their approval to this "terrorist" game .... then they definitely don't deserve a single penny from us.  If  they want to produce games, the kind that inspire madcaps to commit arson and murder, then let them produce them without using us as their accessories to potential future acts of arson and murder.

....A controversial pipeline is being pulled off the TVOntario website after sparking outrage in Alberta.

“We recognize the public concern regarding this game and have therefore decided out of an abundance of care to appoint individuals of experience and independent standing to review the game,” TVO said in a letter to Education Ministers Liz Sandals Friday.

TVO’s intention was to pull the video game from its website at least until a report is complete, expected to be by the end of April.

Sandals said she has serious questions about Pipe Trouble — a phone app video game in which a player attempts to build a natural gas pipeline without going so quickly that it causes livestock to die, people to become sick or an angry vigilante to blow up the project.

The game was developed in partnership with the publicly funded broadcaster.

Alberta Premier Alison Redford expressed disappointment that a taxpayer-funded game would depict the blowing up of pipelines.

“It’s exactly opposite of Canada’s interests given all of Canada benefits from a strong and diverse energy sector,” Redford said.

Earlier in the day Ontario Tory MPP Monte McNaughton called for the game to be pulled because it promotes a radical environmental agenda and has become a national embarrassment for the province.

Premier Kathleen Wynne should shut down the project and apologize to Alberta, he said.

Taxpayer-funded TVOntario put $10,000 into Pipe Trouble and $80,000 into the related documentary, Trouble in the Peace, which highlights the battle of British Columbia farmer and father Karl Mattson with gas companies in Peace River.

TVO has defended the entire project as balanced and appropriate, and well within its mandate of engaging people in important issues of the day........

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