Friday, March 1, 2013

Our brave new world .... with lots of sex on college campuses

Fuck is all we need. Therein lies all the knowledge, wealth and happiness.  But, do we really need to go to schools, colleges and universities to gain that sublime knowledge?  The homeless too have sex, don't they?  The animals in the wild and in the zoo do too.  So... why are parents wasting their money on sending these degenerates to places of learning hoping they will  better themselves ?

Scott Greer writing at CampusReform:
....Central Michigan University (CMU) will host a “Condom Casino” on Wednesday night, in which students can gamble to win condoms in games such as “5 Card Foreplay Poker” and “STD Bingo.”
“Experience what happens when a casino night, speed dating and the topic of sex combine for a provocative night of prizes and awareness,” the official website for the event reads.

CMU has outsourced the event to a private company, which apparently puts on the “Condom Casino Tour” across the country. It is not clear if the individuals employed by the organization possess any special medical credentials to discuss matters of sexual health with students.

The organization describes the Condom Casino as a “brand new program arousing college campuses across the country.”

The program also promises to be “highly interactive” and advertises to attendees “it is fun, it is fast paced, it is full of surprises and it is certainly a safe bet to sex awareness on any campus!”

In a video, a spokesman for the Condom Casino Tour says organizers aim to avoid the sensitive subject of morality in their programming..............

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