Monday, March 11, 2013

Dancing as Resistance to Islamization spreads to Egypt

Dancing has brought hope to Tunisia.  Have you noticed how the MSM are as silent as the grave on this new Resistance Movement.  They were all out there when the participants in the laughably termed "Arab spring" rallies were screaming and creating havoc, but peaceful protests by grassroot freedom lovers are definitely not their cup of tea.

This wonderful movement started  in Tunisia.

Is the MSM worried that this might spread to other Muslim countries?  What does that say about our Western media?  What does that say even about SUN News Canada, because to date they have not covered this development?  Silence, as usual, can speak volumes.

The new generation of Muslims don't need the media to spread their message.  Social media is enough.  The vid below is from the Tunisian movement.  Check out the matronly looking woman breaking out from the circle of onlookers and into the arena of dancers and doing her thing.  Wow !!

The peaceful will inherit the Earth not the meek. Meek = cowardice.  Peace = Bravery.

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