Monday, March 18, 2013

Children's Aid Society or Children's Rape Society ??????

Something has gone very, very wrong with Canada's Children Aid Society.  Just like most institutions of old,  which were started with the best of intentions by basically well meaning and God-fearing people, but have become  tools of pure evil. If you want one major example of how such organizations have gone astray, look no further than the United Nations and here at home in Canada look at the Children's Aid Society.

The question I have is:  "How come the CAS gave a 2-year old  girl to an unmarried man (and a Muslim to boot,  because of his last name "Hassan" I am presuming  the scum here is a Muslim) who was  aged 30 or 31 at that time????

The comment below at the sad and tragic article at TorontoSun says it all.  A full and complete investigation and a full and complete audit, including the employment history and the background of the entire BOD and all employees at the Children Aid Society should be made public.  Enough is enough !!!   I hope SunNews continues to shine sunlight on the midnight black reigning in the corridors of this aid society.
As the funding model rewards cas for apprehending children whether warranted or not, can we really expect different behaviour from them. As there is no oversight of the children's aid, although the act makes the minister responsible in actual fact they do not oversee them but merely sign the cheques. As CAS operates in camera, how is anybody to know how well they do? The Province has set up 53 dictatorships in the province. Zeig Hiel CAS
Sam Pazzano writing at the TorontoSun:
A slender, blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl   suffered eight years of horrific physical and sexual abuse starting when she was just seven at the hands of the man the Children’s Aid Society entrusted to keep her safe.

A jury found Mac Bool Hassan guilty eight days ago of 13 criminal offences for sexually and physically abusing the girl — who isn’t biologically related to him — as well as assaulting her half-brother.

The verdict was reached swiftly after only fours hours of deliberations because the evidence was overwhelming, said Crown attorney Heather Keating.

Hassan, 49, will be back in Superior Court Monday to set a date for sentencing.

But the now 20-year-old woman is seething with outrage at both Hassan and the Toronto Children’s Aid Society because it granted him custody of her when she was two years old.

And the CAS kept her and her half-brother in his care despite Hassan’s drug use, criminal record and neighbours’ reports of neglect and abuse.

“I had to do what he told me to do or I’d get beaten, punched and kicked, dragged by my hair along the floor. He told me he loved me and that he would marry me, like Woody Allen married his adoptive daughter, when I was 18,” the girl recalled in an exclusive interview with the Toronto Sun. “I felt like I was his wife. It’s like we’re a couple, but he’s my dad.”

She is now working two jobs, one at a retail outlet and another as a babysitter, hoping to save enough money so that she can pursue her dream of becoming a flight attendant.
 “Children’s Aid ruined my life because I could have been adopted as a baby,” she said angrily. “Instead, they thought it was in my best interest ... to be placed into this man’s care. He was a single man with a criminal record who had no connection to me. Why would he want to parent me?”

The abuse occurred twice a week when she was younger but became a nightly ordeal after she turned 11 or 12, said Keating, who successfully prosecuted Hassan.

“He had no business to be basically using the victim as a vulnerable sex toy,” Keating said. “It’s disgusting.”.........

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