Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Sweet Success of Multiculturism in Canada.... NOT

The conference on Aug 13, held in Toronto,   dealing with political islam and women's rights and how totally ineffective and useless the Canadian govt is when   multiculurism's evil  culture and traditions come flying in their collective faces, was an eye-opener to each and every attendee. Below is part of Homa Arjomand's speech:

In order to cover all these issues, I will start my speech with a case of a victim of polygamy, child trafficking as well as forced and arranged marriages in Canada; the obstacles and challenges they face with no hope to overcome them unless we progress our laws and regulations to one secular law for all and alter the legal pluralism and cultural relativism for integration.

In the following case, some changes are made to protect the client’s identity:

Farideh, at the age of 14, was sent to Pakistan with her mother and uncle in the summer of 2001. She understood that she was going for a vacation but soon after their arrival, she found out that she was to become the second wife of a clerk. She said from the time her uncle’s wife told her about the marriage to the night of her wedding, she cried and tried to burn herself. But she was left with no choice and it took 9 years before she was able to return to Canada at the age of 23. By this time, she had two sons 6 and 3 years.

Now her father is pushing her to sponsor her husband. Farideh indicated she would rather die than sponsor her abuser. In a Risk Assessment Check List, she specified the following abuse: pushed, pulled, grabbed, slapped, punched and kicked, objects were thrown at her. And in the section OTHER she described in one full page how she was chained to the ground with her baby in her arms to care for, without food and water for hours. All this was while she was breast feeding her baby. She also described how her husband knocked out two of her front teeth and broke her nose.

In the part of the Sexual Abuse portion, Farideh indicated there was persistent pressure to consent to rape, and she described how she was beaten while her husband performed sex and then he would throw a glass of holy water over her to purify her. All this abuse was to make her more submissive.

Farideh returned to Canada because her mother was dying.

At the hospital, she met a nurse in which she claims changed her life. She was told by her family members that she cannot go against Allah’s wish because Allah was testing her, and her husband is her destiny......

Read the rest here.

Also, visit this group's website to catch up on other stuff that this admirable little cliche of mostly women led by Arjomand are doing for the abused immigrant women. They admit that they feel helpless and hopeless when dealing with the women from the multiculturist communities but they carry on nonetheless because hope never dies and never should.

The Canada of old is no more. Say "Hello Canadistan" and say it with an accent.

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