Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Warning: Don't click to read this post if you are squeamish re. gory pics

I thought this was the right time to catalogue a pic of the the lover boy of CBC, CTV, TorStar, Globe&Mail and all the rest of the so called news media who never tire of showing us Omar Khadr either as a kid or recently as someone competing for a role in the latest remake of "Planet of the Apes... the terrorists cometh"  When, if ever, will they show this awesome pic????????? 

Also, here's Ezra Levant's article in today's Toronto Sun.


  1. Um....wow.

    We've been spoon fed the left-tard's and MSM's baby faced version of Khadr. This picture should be blared on every single TV station across Canada by contrast; fair is fair after all.

    It has taken awhile, but the truth is starting to come out. And its about frigging time.

  2. Notice the pic: right hand, left foot.

    That combination is meant to ensure you can never lead a (somewhat) normal life with offsetting members missing.

    Islam is a sick and twisted ideology.

  3. What is he holding? Is that someones hands and a foot? Explain please.

  4. I can see two right hands and a foot. Look closely and you will see the same.

  5. Please send this to all media outlets and let's see who has the backbone to publish this picture. I bet it will never see the time of day on the major networks as they are still talking about the poor little 15 year old who is so innocent


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