Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mayoral Candidate Rob Ford's best asset = He is not a Lefty

Look who's endorsing the Union-lover Pantalone in the mayoral race.    

And, did you see the bunch of Lib losers backing Smitherman? I am sort of, only sort of, mind you, feeling a bit... only a bit, mind you, sorrrrry  for all these loser candidates doing their utmost to bring Rob Ford down. It's not making the slightest dent in the voters' decision but these nitwits  still trudge on with their nasty tricks.

Torontonians have woken up and woken up with a jolt from the lethargy that the Liberals and the NDP had put us under all these years. Everybody I talk to are excited about the mayoral election of Rob Ford in October because this city needs to rid itself of the roaches which have been roaming freely in every nook and corner of Toronto.   What's happening in Toronto with this mayoral race should send shivers down the spines of Libs and the hated NDPers all over Canada.  We will not stand by while the Libs and the NDP  turn Canada into a commie nation.  NO NEVER.

All those endorsements, are they doing anything you ask? Here's a poll today at CP24
Do political endorsements of other politicians sway your vote?
Yes 12%
No 84%
Undecided 4% we Torontonians are on a roll !!! We don't want the lousy Libs nor the lousier NDP eating away at our pockets and lecturing us at every opportunity about how " taxes benefit the city". We have seen first-hand what the taxes the city pulls from us did in keeping our properties garbage-free during the garbage workers strike which lasted for months.

We have not forgotten, and never will.

Yesterday,   in the Toronto Sun, Sue-Ann Levy   has a long article which shows how there is a witchhunt going on but how Rob Ford is still coming out on top.  I loved this quote from Ford:
.....there are so many breaches of ethics which have been “legitimized” by council"
Keep in mind that the Toronto council is stuffed to the gills with NDP and Lib. 

Vote Rob Ford. for Mayor of Toronto ..... he knows how to save taxpayers money and above all else, HE IS NOT A LEFTY.

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