Monday, August 16, 2010

The first Ten Things that tell when a Conservative govt is no longer Conservative

Isn't it great that we are NOT seeing any of these traits in the Harper government.
1) Panders around getting goodwill and tonnes of money to build islamic centres;
2) Thinks it's population should be reined in and made to talk nice-nice and do nice-nice and does not lift even a pinkie to get rid of it's Nazi-like organization known as HRC;
3) Puts out welcome mats for "pretending to be refugees" scum;
4) Refugees given more weight than genuine, educated, right calibre potential immigrants;
5) Throws in the towel when opposition parties says "No" to investigation of serious incidents at airports;
6) Shiploads of refugees given harbor and status, thus sending signals to the world's trash to come over here and not worry about going through the proper channels like the right calibre immigrants who have to wait for years and years and spend thousands of dollars;
7) Rarely goes against the dictates of the UN and lets the UN scold Canada thus letting the UN scold all Canadians;
8) Sends off Millions of dollars in aid to every Tom, Dick and Harry outside Canada, wheras many Toms, Dicks, Janes and Marias inside Canada are unemployed and miserable;
9) Taxpayers' money blatantly directed in Billions of dollars to the CBC whose BOD work overtime to find ways to say and do things that go against all Conservative-minded people of Canada;
10) Investigation of Judges and  an overhaul of the justice system is  never undertaken to determine which of the the judges are on the take or politically inclined in their judgements.

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  1. Here in Alberta it's essentially the same:
    1) Spend huge sums of money to support the lazy and unwilling.
    2) Pay particular heed to the whining of the greedy left and tax the main sources of employment until they leave the province.
    3) Give the legislators and their attendant bureaucrats 30% raises while people are getting laid off because of item 2).
    4) Renegg on agreements signed with the oil industry.
    5) Provide tepid responses to the radical environmentalists who want to shut down the oil sands.
    6) Start discussions about a pipeline to the west coast which will be tied up in court for years when the CN railway already has right of way to the coast.
    7) Take no action against the anti-democratic, elitist HRCs.
    8) Take no action on correcting the disaster that is the health care debacle for fear of left-wing, entrenched union entitlements and the raging grannies.
    9) Hire outside managers at monstrous salaries to administer government departments.
    10) Adopt every leftist initiative even though the government is well aware that these loons want to turn Alberta into a "socialist paradise."


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