Tuesday, August 17, 2010

EDL keeps fighting the way a fight should be fought

One cannot go into the battle field armed with a fly swatter when  it's a dragon breathing fire at you.  Every truth-seeking person should be with them and not against them.  Don't let the media cloud your judgement, the MSM is fast becoming an non-entity anyway.  Here is an account from an EDL member on a recent demonstration and she does not pull any punches.   Fight fire with FIRE ... that's my motto.

....We the EDL will continue to attend and organize as many rallies and demonstrations as we wish and we will be strong in exposing the lies of those who have nothing better to do other than repeat their pathetic and deceitful mantra of calling us racists and fascists when in truth they are these things they accuse us of. The evidence is clear. They are singling out Israelis time and time again, and this, my friends, is pure and utter racism. Make no mistake about that.

Furthermore when they realised we were the EDL, the insults and abused started towards English and British people in general. Those idiotic uneducated twats forgot all about the Ahava protest for a good couple of hours and hurled abuse towards our tolerant and kind British community, exposing once again their racism and fascism for all to see. But incredibly, although not surprisingly, the media decided not to cover that.....

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