Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another beauty of a poll ........Yipeee, yipee.... YA ...YA

When will the boneheaded  MSM ever learn that everybody is not a socialist or leftish like them.  Even the city of Toronto is shedding it's erstwhile image of  "teeming with hard-core leftists" and opening their eyes to reality.

Do you agree with Rob Ford’s comment about more immigrants coming to Toronto?
Yes  70%
No   26%
Undecided 3%

Go vote and also watch a little clip here at CP24 of Rob Ford's statement for which some nuts want him to apologize. Also watch how CP24  puts out the opinions of the people in the street. What they choose to show as opinions of the people in the streets and what the main stream residents of Toronto think about Ford's comments are like the distance between Earth and the Sun. The poll says it all. 
As for Ms Nasser .... stop lying, woman !!!

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