Saturday, August 21, 2010

How can you tell what's PC crap and what's not?

I read this article but I did not agree with it because the writer presumes that Europe is dying due to falling birth rates, which have fallen below 1.6 kids per woman whereas developing countries have a rate of 2.1 kids per woman.  Nowhere does she touch on what it will mean to Europe, if indeed the rate is falling according to her, ... that the indigenous population is dwidling down and the immigrant population of the koran faith is growing.  This is a politically correct hogwash written with good intentions nonetheless, but still PC crap because it is missing the mark altogether which can truly upset people like me who know more about the seriousness of the "numbers game" that the koranic people are playing, but I shouldn't have worried.  The comments section set the records straight. Worth reading, if only for the comments.

One must be very, very wary of such articles because they really do not tell you of what is actually going on. The reality is either purposely hidden by the writers or they want to live in a make-believe world of their own making. Here's a report from the DailyMail which predicts that the UK population will touch 90 million in another 40 years. Does that give credence to the first link take?  90 million increase by 2050 would be like doubling the population of UK and no prizes for guessing which segment of the population will be "violently" visible than any other.

Just like the misleading information put out in the first link, by a Catholic publication no less, anybody reading it will give it more attention than to the reality of where EU is heading as shown by the DailyMail's writeup. There are several examples like the above.  Recently, I came across an article in one of the UK dailies about a 14 yr old girl being used as a sex slave by 10 or more men who raped her and even pimped her to others. Not once did the publication give the identities of the rapists. That fact was all the more important because every last one of those creatures was of the muslim faith.

PC bullcrap and the real thing, how to tell what's what .... enough to make anyone feel confused and disoriented.

h/t: Irene

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