Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Glenn Beck show August 16

Glenn mentions that Hezbollah alongwith drug cartels are igniting car bombs on the USA borders. Did I hear right or am I smoking something powerful ?  In the present loony world  I can no longer tell what's real and what's just my imagination. He also makes mention of the rally that's happening a couple of weeks from now at the Lincoln Memorial and says it will be a very important event. Hmm ... could it be that  Palin will make her announcement of running in the 2012 presidential race at the rally?

I  looked up some links to back Glenn's mention of Hezbollah and car bombs on US border and I got this and this. So.... although I was dozing a bit, my ears did hear right.  No wonder there are so many beheadings going on in Mexico, something we had never heard of before.

Glenn Beck  show of Aug 16


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  1. The event he is talking about is a rally on
    August 28th to take back their country....he also requested that those attending the rally leave their signs at home and bring their children instead...he wants a peaceful rally and anyone looking for troublemakers will have a problem finding any as most of the left leaning msm love to cruise these rallies looking for signs of racism and bigotry


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