Sunday, August 22, 2010

Museum to the memory of those murdered at the Trade Centre

Just reading about it, makes me sad.  Imagine walking through the museum and recalling that horrific day ... what it will be like and especially for the family of those who were killed.

Wearing hardhats and protective eye gear, the media reached bedrock level — where the main exhibition spaces will be located — along temporary wooden stairs and a freight elevator. The din of construction equipment was deafening at times.

When the museum opens in 2012, the tour will start at an above-ground glass pavilion, where a 665-foot long “ribbon,” or gently sloped ramp, will carry visitors through the site.

The ribbon — reminiscent of the ramp that workers used to build the original towers and during the recovery efforts following the attacks — will wind down 45 feet to the Memorial Hall, or lobby, past a three-pronged trident column recovered from the trade center rubble.....

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