Friday, August 20, 2010

More exposure on the sharia-cum-cordoba initiative

I listened to the Dr. Laurie Roth show today where Dr.Roth talked to Douglas Hagmann about the findings  that his investigation has uncovered.  Make no mistake about this folks, there are too many people and organizations involved in the Ground Zero mosque initiative. Remember this, if our neighbour goes down and becomes sharia dominated, we are LOST. Taking over Canada would be like taking candy from a baby after they do away with Christianity and Judaism in the USA.  The goal of these islamists and the NGOs assisting them is one and the same: To diminish Christianity and Judaism and thus weaken us all as a people who depend on ourselves and not on the govt.

Now, let's see who's who that's involved giving both support, money and loud propaganda::

Rockerfeller Brothers Fund ..... check
Carneige Fund .... check
Iranian fat fingers in the pot .... check
Sharia Index Project,  Malaysia .... check
countless sharia organizations .... check
Globalists and liberals, which means Soros and scum .... check
Saudi Arabia ruling family .... check

And, of course the biggest buffoon of all .......... mayor bloomberg.  He does not deserve to have his name and designation capitalized. He is a rat. Without even seeing any concrete proof of his finances, I will bet my bottom dollar and my life itself that he is getting something extremely big for being a traitor. This is the number one reason that he bought the 2nd mayoral term, or is it 3rd? .... by bribing voters and every Tom, Dick and Henry. The plan to build this evil  must have been born on Sept 12, 2001, this did not just come about.

And, even if we are averse  to admitting it, the truth is that George Bush let  tonnes of  Saudi's dirty money into USA's universities and did more for Saudi and wahhabism covertly than Obama has done overtly.  Yeah... go ahead and hate me for saying that... it's ok.

Found some good stuff at these links: BareNaked Islam Warning: This site has raw images.  PajamasMedia    and of course, if you want to know of everything and more of anything evil coming our way, head over to Pamela Geller's Atlas Shrugs

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