Tuesday, July 20, 2010

An important event in Toronto

I had written some months ago about Ms Homa Arjomand and other ladies of her ilk  from Toronto who were instrumental in keeping shariah at bay when the nitwit Barbara Hall wanted to introduce a form of a sharia law court in Ontario.

On August 13, 2010 Arjomand and others are organizing an event in Toronto with some great speakers. Admission is free and it would be much appreciated if you let others know of this event. In the shariah-aggressive climate of today, it is imperative that more of us learn about the disastrous effects of sharia law and why it is EXTREMELY  IMPORTANT that we stand on guard for Canada and our Canadian way of life and keep this evil from gaining even a  toe tip in Canada.   Almost all Canadians, if they are not familiar with Muslim culture and practices, and my apologies for saying this,  but the fact remains that more than 70% of Canadians know zilch, nada, zero about Shariah Law, should find the time to attend this event.  Even the offspring of  first generation immigrants from muslim countries are ignorant of the depraviity in sharia because it is all coated in sugary words.  I cannot stress enough, how important it is to attend this conference and let the experts in this field try to open your tightly shut eyes.

Some of the speakers will be:

Azar Majedie. She is a social and political activist dedicated to educating people about how women's rights can be trampled on and buried deep if we are not ever vigilant about how sharia can creep into aspects of our personal lives by taking slow but sure grips on political regulations. She is the founder of the Iranian Women's Liberation and has produced several TV programs in both English and Farsi on the dangers of political islam.

Tarek Fatah: No introduction needed. Fatah is well known in all political camps. His new book "The Jew is Not my Enemy" is coming out soon.

Homa Arjomand: A woman to be admired for her dedication and bravery in the face of severe criticism from her own community. Arjomand firmly believes in secular laws for each and every Canadian.... no other laws can encroach on the secular laws of Canada and she fights on bravely against all types of menancing foes.  She is a political and social activist and  an advocator for the rights of women, children and gays. Arjomand also campaigns against polygamy and honor killing. She was a strong voice for the One School System in Ontario which battle was unfortunately lost and the Left in Ontario got to mess up the school system to their hearts' desires.  Arjomand is also the main coordinator for the International Campaign Against Sharia Courts in Canada. .

The topics of the conference are:

- Effect of globalization of political Islam on Women's Rights with regard to Polygamy, Niqab and Honor    Killings;
- The problems of legal pluralism and cultural relativism with respect to women's rights;
- Separation of religion and state

Venue: North York Civic Centre, 5100 Yonge Street
Time:  6:30 - 9:30 PM
Free Admission

For further info and to let the organizers know you will be attending, please contact:
Jalil Behroozi: 416-737-9500 or Mahmoud Ahmadi: 416-953-9750


  1. I wish I lived in Ontario because I'd love to go, gawd bless those brave souls who stand at the front lines whilst trying to defeat the Islamistic supremacists.

  2. Rose ... just pass the word around to anybody you know in Toronto or nearabouts.

  3. They all left Tarran because of Chairman Miller Maria, but I'll place links to this blog should a topic arise that is applicable to this issue.


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