Thursday, August 19, 2010

I wonder what their last thoughts were

Here's a tale of a modern day Romeo and Juliet of Afghanistan. The Taliban, in fact, the muslim community of the world,  has become more violently bold since the advent of Obama, either because they know he is one of them or because they can smell his cowardice.  Read for yourselves how hundreds of villagers can become murderers with one voice and plenty of stones. Savages!!

....The punishment was carried out by hundreds of the victims’ neighbors in a village in northern Kunduz Province, according to Nadir Khan, 40, a local farmer and Taliban sympathizer, who was interviewed by telephone. Even family members were involved, both in the stoning and in tricking the couple into returning after they had fled.....

...Mr. Khan estimated that about 200 villagers participated in the executions, including Khayyam’s father and brother, and Siddiqa’s brother, as well as other relatives, with a larger crowd of onlookers who did not take part.

“People were very happy seeing this,” Mr. Khan maintained, saying the crowd was festive and cheered during the stoning. The couple, he said, “did a bad thing.” ....

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  1. The 'tricking' of victims to come home seems to be a common denominator in these murders, whether they are committed in Afghanistan or Toronto.

    If I were someone who transgressed against Islam, I would run away and never look back. One simply cannot trust someone of the Muslim faith as lying is endemic to their religion, especially when it concerns a matter of 'honour'.

    That the town , as well as relatives, celebrated the murder ( and let us be clear that a stoning involves death by dashing one's brains out) makes it even more disturbing.

    It is hardly surprising though.


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