Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Calling Jason Kenney and Vic Toews, Jason Kenney and Vic Toews to the front desk please

Update: From the Left side of the blogosphere

Are you going to lay out welcoming mats for this ship of refugees too? How suicidal can the Canadian Minister of Immigration and The Canadian Minister of Public Safety get? What part of "terrorists and terrorism" do these Ministers don't understand? Australia let the ship know well in advance that they would not be able to enter their waters and to refrain from coming to their shores. What does suicidal Canada do? This nation is becoming a nation of refugees, refugees of the worst calibre possible.

Is it difficult to understand and comprehend that the Sri Lankan govt has stated in no uncertain terms that the Tamil Tigers were able to sustain themselves for decades and wrought largely untold havoc in Sri Lanka because of Canadian Tamils  financing them?  I am truly amazed that our representatives in the govt, whether it be a minority govt or whatever, does not seem to have their finger on the pulse of the general public, be they Conservative or Liberal.  Amazing!!!

There should be no question of RCMP or Border Security boarding the ship. This ship should not be allowed in our waters. Period. End of discussion.

If refugees can come here in their shiploads, then why bother to bring in immigrants the right way. Do away with the Immigration Dept and let the RCMP and the Border Security guys do their stuff instead. We will be able to save the money that Jason Kenney's dept swallows up annually for bringing in would-be terrorists or terrorists pretending not to be terrorists until they get their citizenship.

RCMP and the Canada Border Services Agency are expected to board a ship that may be carrying Tamil Tigers sometime this week, says the spokesman for a B.C. municipality.

John Leeburn with the District of Maple Ridge, 45 kilometres east of Vancouver, said Tuesday that two local prisons will be used to house those on board the MV Sun Sea.

The Thai cargo ship is reported to be carrying about 200 Sri Lankans.

Ottawa has expressed concern about members of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam — a banned terrorist organization in Canada — being on board the vessel.....


  1. It is a good thing we are going to spend that nine billion for prison after all?

    The cities where they settle will have to pay through an increase in property taxes for settlement and services.

    Are the Conservatives afraid of being branded racists by the media, opposition parties regardless of Rule of Law or the joke of our immigration system?

  2. At present the government's hands are pretty well tied because Canada, in it's idiocy, signed the U.N. treaty on the treatment of asylum seekers. If Canada doesn't let these thugs land we will have violated the terms of the treaty, and that will open up the way for every shyster immigration lawyer to haul the case before the courts. If Canada allows them to land, the same gang of ambulance chasers, aided and abetted by the Liberals, NDP and the disgusting MSM will run daily stories about how these poor, downtrodden refugees are being mistreat by the government.

    That's what happens when you sign any U.N. protocol, document or treaty. They assume sovereignty over the rights of the citizens in the nation that was foolish enough to be a signatory. Just imagine what will happen if the Liberals gain power and sign on to the "water is a human right treaty." We'll all be drilling wells since the U.N. will dictate that our water resources go to every third world hell-hole on the face of the earth. Why Canada remains in this corrupt, social engineering, bureaucracy ridden organization is beyond me.

  3. Is Australia not a signee to the same crap that the UN has made us sign? They made sure that the captain of the ship realized fully well that the ship would not be welcomed there.
    So... what can the UN do if we turn them away. Are they going to get some countries to gang up and declare war on us?

    The important thing is for our leaders to have proper cojones and not sawdust in their spines and challenged the UN at least once.

  4. Kenny is trolling for ethnic votes. His desire to win an election outweighs the long-term interests of CAnada.


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