Monday, August 23, 2010

What does Shariah Index Project, Royal Bank of Scotland, Bank of Ireland, Morgan Stanley, Yasaar Research, FTSE and a graduate from McGill Univ. have in common with the planned GZ mosque ?

They are all lovers of  sharia and they have started sharia finance, the first step in getting the west islamized, and they are all connected to the imam behind the GZ mosque and they all know very well what sharia will do to the western world. Sharia taking root first in the economic sector and then into every aspect of our lives.... don't doubt it.... it will happen.  Can we call them TRAITORS now or wait until much later when saying so will mean laying our necks on the chopping blocks of islam. Read the whole doc and also watch Wafa Sultan with Hannity below.

This is a pdf document .

....Under the agreement, FTSE together with SGX and Yasaar Research will create a set of Shariahcompliance indices. The indices will be designed using internationally recognised standards, are freefloat adjusted and based on the Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB). The new FTSESGX Shariah Index Series is comprised of stocks screened for Shariahcompliance using Yasaar Research’s proprietary screening methodology which is backed by a panel of distinguished Shariah Scholars.

.....Yasaar LLC is a global Shariah (Islamic Law) consultancy offering financial institutional clients Shariah compliance services including, reviews of financial product structures and advice on amendments to achieve compliance where possible, the provision of support to integrate the amendments proposed to attain Shariah compliant financial product/transaction and the provision of a Shariah Supervisory Board/Panel.

Yasaar issues Fatwa/Fatawa (Shariah ruling) Certification of a financial product/transaction's Shariah compliance, Shariah audit/s and certification of compliance. Yasaar is also responsible for initiating Shariahc ompliant  concepts for investment products and developing innovative Shariah solutions. Yasaar was the recipient of the “Most Innovative Islamic Financial Product” for the Caravan 1 Limited Sukuk....

....Yasaar’s CEO, Mr. Majid Dawood, a financial sector professional with considerable experience gained at senior level in many organisations worldwide. The Shariah Scholars and Principals are; Sheikh Dr. M.A. Zaki Badawi based in London, Sheikh Yusuf T. DeLorenzo based near Washington D.C and Dr. Mohd Daud Bakar based in Kuala Lumpur. Dr. Hussein Hamed Hassan is based in Dubai, Sheikh Essam M Ishaq is based in Bahrain and Imam Muhammed Noorullah Shikder is based in London

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