Monday, August 30, 2010

How Christians and Jews sell out to evil for love of money

The love of money is what is destroying Christian and Judea societies all over Europe and the West. Look at Bloomberg, a money-loving Jew who has sold his soul for the arabs' dirty money. Look at Italy's PM Berlusconi. Look at UK's Blair, the Bush family, the Clintons with ties to companies all over the middle east. These people in power are rendering us helpless against evil that is fast overtaking us. Check out how Libya's bedsheets wearer tried to convert some bimbos to Islam.  These bimbos were attending one of his parties that he loves to hold in Italy.

This is not the first time it has happened. A few months ago a big harem of Italian bimbos were gathered all around him hoping he will shower them with his money. Women really make the worst dhimmis possible. The things these b***hes will do for money!!  The vid below is from his party for bimbos in Nov last year.   Getting Italians to convert to Islam will be a big triumph for any muslim.  It's like taming a lion to mew like a kitty.  Italy being the seat of the Roman Catholic church draws evil to it like a moth to a flame and these blasted moths will not give up until every last one of them perish trying.... the question now is:  How long will the flame hold out ?

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  1. Egads, Dodo.

    If a liberal blogger said something like "money-loving jew", the shrieking from conservatives would break every window within a 10 mile radius of the internets.


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