Saturday, August 28, 2010

The reason why the EDL came into being

This guy is one of the original founders of the EDL. His friends call him Tommy Robinson, however, according to some lefties who "exposed" his identity, his real name is Paul Harris. Tommy Robinson or Paul Harris, whatever you name happens to be, you are doing fine. Carry on.

In other news, as was expected, the media reporting on yesterday's EDL demonstration in Bradford has dumped the blame for the  "shower of stones, cans and bottles" wholly on  the participants of the protest march.  The UAF and the muslim groups  are as innocent as new born babes.

The UAF (United against Fascists) group that follows the EDL wherever they  hold  their protest marches are hand in glove with the muslim groups. If you think of the UAF as the group of hooligans from the Ottawa University who went after Ann Coulter and are against freedom of speech, you get the true picture of what the UAF is all about. They are a group of leftists empowering the extremists among the muslim population of the UK

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