Saturday, August 14, 2010

Daniel Pipes on what he saw at Pearson Airport

in early March of this year. Now we will  know who to hold responsible when the inevitable happens. Every agency and every single person disregarding the security measures should be behind bars. Why is the Conservative govt so ineffective with their opponents? Why not go ahead and do the investigation and screw the Libs, the Bloc and the NDP. They are all smoking some pretty heavy weed. If something goes wrong, it will be the minority govt of PM Harper that will suffer the most. The PM's name will be remembered as "that disaster that happened when Stephen Harper was the PM" just like we remember many nasty events from history by those who were in power at those times.

I visited Toronto in early March 2010 and as I left the country I passed through the usual security check at Pearson International Airport. What made it different is that the next passengers after me in line were a man, a small child, and a person in niqab. (I write "person" rather than "woman" as I hardly know who was under the niqab outfit.)

Curious how the niqabi's hidden identity would be handled, I looked back as the trio was dealing with the security agent. To my astonishment, the agent did not demand to see the niqabi's face but was content to see those of the man and child. I wanted dearly to video this procedure on my mobile phone but dared not, thinking that this could well get me hauled in on some charge that I, ironically, was breaching security......


  1. Ah, perhaps this is because--at Canadian airports at least--people's faces are checked against their photo ID at the gate, not at the metal detector/X-Ray machine?

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  3. I don't think Dr.Pipes has any reason to mislead anybody. He clearly says that after he "passed through the usual security check" the next 3 persons in the line behind him had an entity in a niqab and he/she/it was not asked to show its/his/her face.


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