Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hey there TD Bank .... how about another big juicy donation ....

this time round, after playing nice-nice with the Israel/Jew haters, you can do one better. Make nice-nice with the Somali community of Toronto.  Yeah... how about that.  Donate some of your lovely money  to their community centres,  maybe that will stop them from raiding your branches.   I am sure your Insurance Brokers must hate you by now for losing all that money, eh?!    Is  Manulife Ins carrying your losses?  Is that the reason why their stock is sweeping the floor these days?

What's the matter TD ?    CUPE not able to safeguard you after all you do for them?      Sad !!!

 more TD branches hit


  1. It's bad enough that BMO created a dept. called BMO-Pride to appease the GLBT employees with a special office and funding for the Child-abuse Nudity in front of little boys by the gay men that Miller allows to wave their penis at.
    But now TD just shot down the Myth that gays are in poverty and oppressed as we hear from Barbara Hall and the OHRC.
    Note how TD bank sold their soul and are now Pro Child-abuse because the GBLT's have $100'000'000'000.00 in spending power when canada's Federal budget is only about $300 billion.
    And shame on ManuLife,they refused to help me with Therapy for a sexual assault by a Homosexual-pedophile back in 1971 which was finally brought out in 2003. The case Manager at ManuLife mocked the assault and claimed it wasn't Job-related to get support.BULL....if I was a female or gay male that was assaulted the GayStappo thugs would demand manuLife to pay for the help and even use the OHRC's Barbara hall to cry victim.
    So the next time gays cry poor and demand job quotas to get out of Str8 oppression, give them the link to the TD evidence that they have $100 billion to use Financial Terrorism and bankrupt people and businesses.
    For immediate publication
    March 24, 2010
    Headquartered in Toronto, with more than 2,300 locations and 74,000 employees worldwide, The Toronto-Dominion Bank and its subsidiaries are collectively known as TD Bank Financial Group (TD).TD Bank Financial Group is the sixth largest bank in North America by branches and serves more than 18 million customers in four key businesses, operating in a number of locations in key financial centres around the globe: Canadian Personal and Commercial Banking, including TD Canada Trust and TD Insurance; Wealth Management, including TD Waterhouse and an investment in TD Ameritrade; U.S. Personal and Commercial Banking, including TD Bank, America’s Most Convenient Bank; and Wholesale Banking, including TD Securities. TD Bank Financial Group also ranks among the world’s leading online financial services firms, with more than six million online customers.
    TD is committed to building an inclusive environment where all employees and customers feel welcomed and respected. As part of its corporate diversity strategy, one of TD’s key priorities is to be recognized by the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender (LGBT) community as their bank of choice. TD views this community as an important part of its customer base. The International Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce estimates that Canada includes two million LGBT consumers with spending power of $100 billion.
    Since 2007, TD has been working with external research partners to conduct multiple research studies and collect data on the LGBT customer segment. Different research tools have been used, including focus groups, interviews and surveys. Focus groups and interviews were useful in helping to identify and explore, in depth, issues of concern. Surveys help determine how widespread a particular issue or set of attributes might be in a community.

  2. Sorry about the trouble you had with ManuLife, Bmogwoods.
    It sure is getting on a lot of people's nerves to see the big establishments, the govt,both provincial and fed, and even certain christian churches give more power and favors to the gay community as well as to the muslim community.

    I am glad you got a chance to vent out here at this blog. ManuLife is going down, the stock is now much less than 50% of what it was early this year, that should be some consolation to you for their nasty behaviour.

  3. mariaS
    Thank you,Oddly enough....just after I got a recent letter on Aug 4th to confirm manulife's disdian and contempt for me I notice that in one week their Capital value tanked $2 billion and now another $2 billion. I tried to get justice from the CHRC and they pushed me off to barbara hall's OHRC,but as I predicted.....this ex-mayor that was pro-gay had bowed to both Manulife and my employer of 25 years to reject my Rights violations to deny me equal access to Therapy that a female or homosexual would have got.
    I have 2 sisters and could never tried to same my trauma was equal to theirs for the same assault, by my Right to treatment should have been equal.I hope Ezra Levant drives the final nail in the HRC coffins as a tax-fraud scheme to funnel tax-free money to minorities for hurt feelings or the possible chance of a hurt feeling in the future.
    I was fired after 20 years work and fought the last 5 with my money,manulife declared me healed and able to work, my employer deemed as refusing to work and ergo...hired a pro-gay law firm in the Gay village to smear my name and mock my trauma because i dard to call a male pedophile that preys on boys as a Homosexual-pedophile. The OHRT claims to review cases to take charge for the Social good to correct an injustice,but that would mean thet Hall would have to denounce Child-abuse and the naked males in Pride exposing themselves to kids.
    Too bad I wasn't a Asian Fisher that was pushed in a lake while wearing a hijab, THEN Ms.Hall would crusade for my redress.
    The law Firm hired to smear me has a case-law example for wrongful dismissal,the case is for a lesbian that was fired after 10 year service for Bell Mobility with just 2 weeks notice and she got $500'000.00 and her "partner" got $15'000.00 for loss of affections during the trauma.
    I was terminated afetr 20 year with just a 9 day notice and still haven't gotten my severance over a Legal loop hole that I wasn't "Fired", I was returning to work where my job was automated so if H.R. didn't find me work in 9 days I was to call the legal dept. for severance.
    With 30 co-workers and 2 V.P./Director's being a witness to my plight , the lawyers still painted me a malcontent and liar trying to scam my employer. Thank god i stashed away money in the good times,but I did warn both Lawyers that before i die there will be someone from either Company going to jail for wehat they did to me and how they used lawyers to silence me.
    I got in the final kick to tell the OHRT that while they had a Victory on a legal ground, these types of lawyers were around to defend Slave owners when it was legal but morally wrong.
    I'd love to see MFC stock hit $8.00 a share or join Bre-X as wallpaper at .50 a sheet.

  4. Guess what,the lawyer that was with manulife and was supposed to be a hard workering person to deal wit hthe OHRT Mediation is now on holidays until sept 7th. Manulife's tactic was to parachute in new workers to get my file and nobody really knew enough to be guilty or complicit as the lawyer asserts.

    Check out the email notice or express your dosdian for their pro- child-abuse stance.,


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