Sunday, August 8, 2010

Canadians need to be reminded how close we came to adopting sharia laws

If not for a handful of women, mainly Muslim women we would have had sharia courts in Ontario. They would have started out as benign cells for only those amongst the muslims who desired such laws, but with everything that expands and blooms, adversely,  with the muslim community they would have grown into something sinister to emcompass other citizens. Watch this vid and see how conniving and convincing and innocent and oh-so-good-and-nice this muslim menace of a man from Hamilton, Ontario sounds. The vid is of the time a few years ago when the muslims in Ontario with the help of Barbara Hall and ex-Canadian Attorney General Marion Boyd, the Prime Dhimmis of Canada, were planning to introduce such barbaric laws into our country. Good thing these brainless females did not get their way. I often wonder how dimwits like Hall and Boyd and men and women of their ilk get to rise to such high positions in government. How? How?   And the female dhimmis are always 10 times more stupid than the males. 

The fight is not over yet and with our Immigration Dept importing this culture in thousands every month, it will never be over.  The most we can do is keep our eyes and ears fully open to any sign of this deadly virus cropping up  and nipping it again and again like you would do the weeds in your garden.... unfortunately without any pesticides because our  govt. holds those chemicals under lock and key while they play the appeasement games of vote garnering.

Sharia Law in Canada and Britian an article published at American Thinker, worth a read.

Reminder: Important event in Toronto on August 13. Make the time and get educated to save Canada from being islamized. 

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  1. These ladies did well, but to combat the fellow, they would have done better to have had a copy of "The Reliance of the Traveller" (Umdat al-Salik) in hand and to have had ready some quotes from it relating to the treatment of women. This is the "Classical Manual of Islamic jurisprudence", authorised by Al-Azhar University in Cairo, and hence could not have been dismissed by the fellow.
    It is rife with anti-women, anti-kuffar, anti-semitic stuff and it REMAINS the law of sharia as it stands today.


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