Monday, August 9, 2010

I can feel a movie coming up .....

and the whistleblower cop will be played by Robert Downey Jr. Any bets?

A police whistleblower is suing the NYPD for $50 million for locking him up in a psych ward after he accused his bosses of tampering with crime stats.

Brooklyn cop Adrian Schoolcraft claims his bosses wanted to wreck his reputation because he had proof they were fudging numbers at the 81st Precinct.

"They wanted to intimidate and silence him," said Schoolcraft's lawyer, Jon Norinsberg. "And they wanted to destroy his credibility so that no one would believe him when he went public with his charges."

The NYPD has portrayed the 35-year-old Bedford-Stuyvesant cop as a bumbling, unstable officer.

He spent six days under psychiatric observation at Jamaica Hospital after a confrontation with cops who came to his Queens home on Halloween. Cops say he went AWOL from work.....

h/t: Irene

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