Saturday, August 21, 2010

More learning experiences from Glenn Beck

Yesterday's show is another eye-opener and a hard slap to those teachers and professors who refrain from telling their students, history the way it was,  because it does not fit their political leanings. Beck on origins of segregation Aug. 20

The show on Aug 18 was a lot on Native Americans and their possible origins Very intriguing. He credited a lot of his findings to the website


  1. Beck is an absolute wingnut, now spouting his Mormon theology as "fact"; these flakes claim that the aboriginal inhabitants of the Americas are actually part of "the lost tribes of Israel", and that they had horses, steel, chariots, and so on, all archaeological and genetic evidence to the contrary notwithstanding. The second that the GOP let the theocrats take over, they started their long slide into irrelevance, and it leaves those of us who care about fiscal conservatism and reality with no-one left to vote for.

  2. I agree that he is very religious, to the point that he loses a lot of the credibility he builds up in other sessions where he does not touch on religion.
    However, it's always good to know what religious zealots are thinking..... all types of them.


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