Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bloomberg the Brainless Buffoon

What a waste of skin.  How, how do such utter idiots get to sit in high places, HOW????

It’s one thing for Mayor Bloomberg to play nanny and hector New Yorkers about smoking and trans fats, as he never stops doing. But it’s quite another for him to grab the flag and start scolding foes of that planned mosque near Ground Zero, as he did Friday.

The mayor was way, way out of line.  “A handful of people ought to be ashamed of themselves,” he huffed. Well, we know one person who should be ashamed, him.

Bloomberg got downright apocalyptic, calling the controversy “[as] important [a] test of the separation of church and state . . . as we may see in our lifetimes.”......

And, guess who praises the dimwit mayor of NY, none other than the the weiner of NY.   So fitting.

h/t: Irene

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  1. Bloomberg's problem is that since he has been on his anti-salt campaign he has probably cut back himself and now his electrolytes are so out of balance that he has lost all sense of reason.


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